Shibuya Ultima RC II Carbon Sight

RM2,150.00 RM1,250.00

Tournament proven accuracy and reliabilityy… In international recurve circuit, Shibuya has been the No1. choice of medalists for decades.

*Feather Light
Lighter mass weight offers better bow balance and superior shootability.

*X-Lock System
Combination of precision made plastic slider parts for “Ultima” only and innovative X-Lock design offers glass smooth move and minimum tolerance. The sight block moves easily when you want it and it stays rock solid where you want it.

*Aluminum/Carbon Hybrid Construction
Carbon is lghter and stronger than aluminum. It is rigid and it won’t be vent and it is extremely consistent. It also absorbs more energy than conventional aluminum component therefore it reduces risk of parts turn loose.

*Closed D-Mount
Shibuya’s orignal Closed D Mount offers consistent positioning of the carbon extension bar each time you assemble your sight.